staff & elders


Darren Driedger is the Pastor of Discipleship & Jr Youth.  He is passionate about seeing God in action in people’s lives and finding creative ways to worship to express the awesomeness of our Creator. Darren is also passionate about his kids and their active lives, and is often seen at the ice-rink, swimming pool, dance studio, and the many other places where his kids are having fun.


Corinna Fehr is our Pastor of Children’s Ministries. Her passion for Children’s Ministry began when she taught Vacation Bible School as a teenager. Her goal is that every child will know that they are valued and that God loves them. She loves working with her ministry team and together they are always looking for new and exciting ways to bring children closer to the Lord. During her down time she enjoys spending time with her husband Brian, their adult daughters, son-in-law, and her amazing grandson.


Henry Dueck is our Pastor of Worship Arts, Sr Youth & Young Adults.  He is passionate about Jesus, people, & music.  He finds the most fulfilling part of being a pastor is seeing people live out the life of love that Jesus calls us to.  His amazing wife Anna and sons Benji & Rusty always keep life interesting and fun. He believes deeply in the power of chicken wings and hot sauce, the sound of a Fender Strat, and enjoys tinkering on his ’90 Miata.  


Bonnie Westfall started as Office Administrator at MAC in July 2010.  She has a passion to know and love God, be close to Him and for other people to experience the same. She has three awesome kids: Leah, Serena & Joseph, and enjoys spending time with family & friends and being outdoors.


Jake Dyck Started as our Custodian in September of 2012. He enjoys playing musical instruments (guitar, bass, drums), photography, hunting, fishing and the smell of freshly burned gun powder in the morning!  When he is not out shooting, skinning, gutting and eating squirrels… he enjoys driving (with coffee in one hand and stereo up LOUD), reading, playing basketball, golf and watching way too much TV.


Elders Board

Brent Menzies (chair)

Brent & Linda Menzies.jpg

Ernie Pauls

Ernie & Val Pauls.jpg

John Giesbrecht

John & Glenda Giesbrecht.jpg

Judy Thiessen

Howard & Judy Thiessen.JPG

Kaldon Driedger

Kaldon & Heidi Driedger.jpg

Ken Klassen

Ken & Brenda Klassen.jpg

Murray Soltis

Murray Soltis.JPG

Yvonne Kneeshaw

Yvonne Kneeshaw.jpg

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